Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'm Still Here...............

Yes, I'm still here, just not much blogging going on, but I have been reading everyone else's. So don't think I not paying attention, I'm watching and reading all about you that I follow. Everyone seems to be having a great Summer, I mean really could this weather be any better, I don't think so! I was looking thru past posts and saw that I have never posted any pictures of areas around Beech Street Gardens, it has always been flower portraits. So Friday morning I got up early and took a few. Enjoy!!!!
 Front Walk
 Backyard East
 Patio Looking North
Backyard Looking West
Do not look at the browning grass, if I had my way there would not be any to turn brown.....


  1. Glad to hear that you're still here! I think of you every time I pass the wonderful cacti that you sent me. They're both putting on lots of new growth! Your garden looks wonderful!

    1. Thanks.......glad to hear the cacti still have it going on!

  2. God to know you're still kicken. I thought I saw you the other day at a nursery but after I kept kinda stalking the guy he finally turnd to look striaght at me and it wasn't you. Oh well.

    Garden looks good...but get rid of that lawn!!!

  3. The pots by the front walk (esp the vertical "bones"), and the ones in back defining patio and lawn, are perfect. Keep blogging!

  4. Que lindo jardim.