Friday, June 24, 2011

Queen for A Day.......or at least a week or two

Oh the Clematis,
Queen of the Garden and
Aristocrat of the Climbers




These four are what is blooming at Beech Street, another one of my most favorite flowers. Heck they are all my favorites...............The awesome thing about a Clematis is you can grow in the ground or in a pot as long as it is a variety that will grow in a pot. You can also train them on a trellis or I have a couple that I have planted at the base of shrubs. They will climb to the top of the canopy and cover the top with flowers. A good shrub to use is a Lilac, with it flowering so early in the Spring. Than the Clematis will cover the top later in the season.

USDA hardiness zone 4 to zone 11

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

High Desert Garden in Prineville

Went to Prineville and camped at the Reservoir for a few days in our vintage trailer. We always stop in at Elkins Rock Shop and visit with Judy the owner. She has one of the most interesting gardens over in that area I have ever seen. After looking and taking photos of the plants and flowers, I look for the perfect piece of petrified wood that I add to the Conifer area in the back garden. If you are in that area stop by and take a tour of the gardens. Judy will walk around with you and discuss the plants. The photographs are of some of the plants that Judy grows in the gardens.

We also went to two plant sales, first was the Crook County Garden Club and the other was the FFA at the Crook County High School greenhouses. Bought an Opuntia and Euphorbia from the club. At the high school Will purchased a herb garden in a planter and I purchased a six pack of Banana Pepper plants. Stopped at a nursery called Zone 5, they have just opened this year I purchased a few things from them to plant in the gardens here. That area of Prineville is a zone 5 and a little over 3200' elevation.