Thursday, December 6, 2012

Beech Street Gardens or Death Valley Shack?

Kind of a toss up on where I wanted to post this entry. I just received this 1939 vintage seed packet from another collector of paper items. Its so great to chat with others, you just never now what you might end up with. To bad there were no seeds, I would have given it a try.

This packet is from Germain Seed and Plant Co. in Los Angeles, California.

Click on the company name above and you will be taken to the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden to see more vintage items from this nursery and other nurseries in that area.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lambert Garden Postcard Additions

While at the recent Antique Paper and Postcard show I also purchased four new postcards of Lambert Gardens that I did not have in the collection. Actually I came across four or five others that I need to complete the set, but there is no hurry. 



The large tree in this postcard as well as on other 
postcards from Lambert Gardens is called "The Ghost Tree". 
I believe it to be a variety of Magnolia.

Side note: the postcards in the collection are linen cards, where as current postcards are classified as chrome cards. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

1936 Vintage Bulb Catalog

Among particular plants, gardening books and cactus, I also like to collect vintage paper items like postcards, ad slicks, and catalogs. This is a 1936 Sunset Nursery Co. bulb catalog that I picked up at a recent Antique Paper and Postcard show last weekend. The prices are amazing, only if we could buy them at those prices on the name to find out more history and what Sunset Nursery is doing now. 

Hyacinths $2.00 for a dozen or $15.00 for 100.

Tulips $.75 a dozen or $5.00 per 100

More Tulips and Species Tulips listed

Daffodils same price as Tulips

Anemones, Callas, Crocus........

Iris, Ranunculus, Scilla and more varieties
Ixia which I have planted now, 
but it is a very difficult bulb to find. 
I love the little group I have and would love to add more.

Snowflakes, Sparaxis,........
And a chart for how many bulbs 
you will need to make a grand garden bed
How about fertilizers, meals, and manures?

             This back cover page offers the best motto for a nursery, 
                 wish I was using it for my statement on the blog.
                     "IT'S NOT A HOME UNTIL ITS PLANTED"

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Its A Raised Bed Wrap-up

I know I've been dragging my tell you the truth I have been busy with other things. Gasp......I have other things to do how dare I. 

This first bed belongs to Pat with her killer Banana trees, two major trees and three smaller ones.

Ginkgo trees that are in containers, they are placed at the end of the bed.

Sempervivums and Ferns

Not a clue! A herb I would guess.

Close-up of Banana tree stocks, 
I was there the other day and Pat has cut them down already.

Small water bowl with Water Hyacinths and Water Lettuce

The awesome Banana Trees

Pat also has two Bonsais, one is a Maple and the other is a Pine.

The next raised bed is actually a rolling cart that was built, 
it belongs to Marilyn.

Impatiens and purple Bacopa 

Autumn Joy Sedum

Fuchsias and Sedum


Purple Heart Wandering Jew

The other rolling cart belongs to Jackie......bright red Tomato

Yellow Dahlias

Dahlia close-up

The Stone Toad, I think its very charming.

A few green tomatoes

And a bean or two
Thats all the raised beds, but I still need to get back and see what the Mums are up to, 
if they have bloomed yet and what color they are. Stay tuned!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Now That Its Started to Rain

I'm getting my reading material all lined up since the weather is a changing. I have two new books to read about more plants, it never ends (what my Mom says about me)..........Even though I'm far from done outside, Death Valley Shack has been filled with plants from the patio and I even placed a few in the house that were in bloom to enjoy. Getting home in the dark once in awhile means not a lot can be done outside at this time so why not read.

I dove into Bizarre Botanicals first, knowing that there would be plants to admire and there are a few in my collection. Never thought of them as bizarre. If you have the opportunity to look through this book do.......there are a few hardy plants listed that will grow in the Pacific Northwest. Whatever part of the country you are in do take the time to read this book, you might be surprised as to what will grow in your area or what you might want to winter over. The photographs alone are great without even reading about the plants. 

The second book, The Unexpected Houseplant I took an interest in due to the fact that I want to add more plants inside the house. Problem is we do not get a lot of light because the house has very wide eaves. So hopefully this book will show me a few plants that do not require a lot of light. I do have a Squirrel Foot Fern in the kitchen that is doing awesome, but it does not require any sunlight, just low indirect light. Perfect!!!!!

Timber Press is the publisher of both books, these guys never stop with great books on horticultural. I could add a wing to the house just for their publications. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Evelyn's Flowers and Tomatoes

I love the fact that everyone has planted 
their raised beds so differently. 
Evelyn's garden is a little bit more on the low key side, 
but with a little touch of Danger!

Looks like Roma or San Marzano Tomatoes

Zinna and Rudbeckia


Tomato/ Heritage?


Coleus going to flower


Opunita and Tomatoes

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Raised Flower Bed By Gwen

Nice colorful raised bed with lots of texture variation.....
Let's tour shall we!

Geranium, Diathius and an Iris thats been cut back


Coleus, Salvia, and Impatiens

Coleus, Begonia, and red and blue Salvia



Canna Foliage


Crazy Coleus, Salvia, and Begonia

Again Coleus, Osteospermum, Begonias

Once again Coleus, Begonias, Impatiens, 
and purple Verbena in the back