Monday, December 27, 2010

Just Peachy at Work

Rhododendron from the Greek: rodon, meaning "rose", and dendron, meaning "tree"

This is a tropical rhododendron that is growing in the store that has decided to bloom this week. Yes I said tropical, I had no idea myself.................Actually we have three others that are in the greenhouse, all planted in a 1 gallon pot or smaller. A pink one bloomed a few months ago and I forgot to take a photograph. Just Peachy has a tag in the pot that states it was propagated 8/19/02 and it is about 3 ft. tall.

First discovered in 1843 in the South Pacific, these plants are native to countries like Indonesia, Borneo and Malaysia. They are often found growing in rock crevices and in trees. This tropical is not really difficult to grow. The primary considerations are drainage and location. The correct exposure must be totally protected from wind and North side cold. A protected East exposure, or perhaps with a partial South exposure is required. Perfect drainage, high humidity, protection from direct sun, year around warm weather and good air circulation are the keys to happy plants.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Grew Peppers This Summer

Forgot I had taken this picture of a couple of Bell peppers that I grew this last Summer. I usually grow a variety of peppers, my Grandmother grew peppers and everything else. Her favorite pepper to grow was Banana peppers, her and I would sit and eat them while in the garden. Her and my Grandfather also grew Black-eyed Peas, Pinto Beans, Green Beans, Tomatoes, and just a lot of other vegetables. I remember as a kid, having all these great vegetables to eat during the late Fall and Winter. Guess I took it for granted, never really thought how important growing your own food was...........anyway, I grew Hot Hungarian, Nu Mex, Bells in orange, yellow, and red. But of course it was a crap year for vegetables here this year and I mean any vegetable. My peppers did okay because of where I planted them, if it had not been so wet here it would have been a great crop. Maybe this coming season it will be better, I hope so.

Monday, December 6, 2010

For Your Gray Day

These daylilies are from this last summer, planted by the patio. They are just a plain and simple spider, but I do not know the variety. Love the petal and throat contrast............Thought it would be a great photograph for a winter-like day.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Agave U

"Silver Surfer"
Americana ssp. protoamericana x scabra intergrade features dramatic rigid silvery-blue leaves

The Silver Surfer is planted out in the front garden in the Yucca bed. Planted there at the beginning of the season. Whether it be Agaves, Yuccas, or cactus I always plant at the first of the growing season. If I purchase any plants in the fall, I hold them over in the greenhouse till Spring. Giving them a little extra grow time is better to get a good root system established where they will be living. Once again I mixed a lot of pumice (75% pumice & 25% soil) into the ground and mounded the spot up, so the plant itself will not sit in water. The Yucca bed itself is mounded and the Agave has been placed on the side of the mound. Freezing water is usually the #1 death to many plants in a garden. Pumice, pumice, can never use to much.

USDA hardiness zone 7(b) to zone 10