Friday, December 3, 2010

Agave U

"Silver Surfer"
Americana ssp. protoamericana x scabra intergrade features dramatic rigid silvery-blue leaves

The Silver Surfer is planted out in the front garden in the Yucca bed. Planted there at the beginning of the season. Whether it be Agaves, Yuccas, or cactus I always plant at the first of the growing season. If I purchase any plants in the fall, I hold them over in the greenhouse till Spring. Giving them a little extra grow time is better to get a good root system established where they will be living. Once again I mixed a lot of pumice (75% pumice & 25% soil) into the ground and mounded the spot up, so the plant itself will not sit in water. The Yucca bed itself is mounded and the Agave has been placed on the side of the mound. Freezing water is usually the #1 death to many plants in a garden. Pumice, pumice, can never use to much.

USDA hardiness zone 7(b) to zone 10

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