Thursday, October 25, 2012

1936 Vintage Bulb Catalog

Among particular plants, gardening books and cactus, I also like to collect vintage paper items like postcards, ad slicks, and catalogs. This is a 1936 Sunset Nursery Co. bulb catalog that I picked up at a recent Antique Paper and Postcard show last weekend. The prices are amazing, only if we could buy them at those prices on the name to find out more history and what Sunset Nursery is doing now. 

Hyacinths $2.00 for a dozen or $15.00 for 100.

Tulips $.75 a dozen or $5.00 per 100

More Tulips and Species Tulips listed

Daffodils same price as Tulips

Anemones, Callas, Crocus........

Iris, Ranunculus, Scilla and more varieties
Ixia which I have planted now, 
but it is a very difficult bulb to find. 
I love the little group I have and would love to add more.

Snowflakes, Sparaxis,........
And a chart for how many bulbs 
you will need to make a grand garden bed
How about fertilizers, meals, and manures?

             This back cover page offers the best motto for a nursery, 
                 wish I was using it for my statement on the blog.
                     "IT'S NOT A HOME UNTIL ITS PLANTED"

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  1. Great to see the vintage catalog! Also wonderful, in these days of garden businesses fading away, to see that Sunset is still going strong! Brightened my day.