Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Its A Raised Bed Wrap-up

I know I've been dragging my feet......to tell you the truth I have been busy with other things. Gasp......I have other things to do how dare I. 

This first bed belongs to Pat with her killer Banana trees, two major trees and three smaller ones.

Ginkgo trees that are in containers, they are placed at the end of the bed.

Sempervivums and Ferns

Not a clue! A herb I would guess.

Close-up of Banana tree stocks, 
I was there the other day and Pat has cut them down already.

Small water bowl with Water Hyacinths and Water Lettuce

The awesome Banana Trees

Pat also has two Bonsais, one is a Maple and the other is a Pine.

The next raised bed is actually a rolling cart that was built, 
it belongs to Marilyn.

Impatiens and purple Bacopa 

Autumn Joy Sedum

Fuchsias and Sedum


Purple Heart Wandering Jew

The other rolling cart belongs to Jackie......bright red Tomato

Yellow Dahlias

Dahlia close-up

The Stone Toad, I think its very charming.

A few green tomatoes

And a bean or two
Thats all the raised beds, but I still need to get back and see what the Mums are up to, 
if they have bloomed yet and what color they are. Stay tuned!!!!


  1. While it could be another form of mint, your mystery bloom looks like an Agastache, probably 'Blue Fortune'

    1. You are probably right, next time I see Pat I'll ask her.

  2. Beautiful garden beds! And you're right, that toad looks great!

    1. The ladies have done a great job and it goes to prove you are never to old to garden.

  3. Go Pat! I love that she's condensed so many great elements of a full sized garden into such a small space and resisted making it a "miniature garden" (or even worse, a fairy garden)...

    1. Sorry to say, I see no interest in a fairy garden......I do not get them.