Friday, February 5, 2010

A Heather for Winter interest

Calluna vulgaris "Robert Chapman"

Above is a photograph of a Heather or Calluna vulgaris in the front garden. It is far more stunning in person, the red glow from it is wonderful for this time of year. In spring, the foliage colors up in fine golden yellows, then the plant turns orange for summer and fall with lavender flowers. For the grand finale in winter, the foliage turns bright flame red. A tapestry of different heathers as evergreen ground cover is breathtaking. However, the variety "Robert Chapman" is the best for dazzling colors in all of the four seasons.

Keep in mind that there are 1000s of Calluna vulgaris varieties on the market. Look them over and get a nice selection for your gardens. They grow in full sun, drought tolerant, and flower in different shades of white, pink, red, and lavender.
USDA hardiness zone 4 to zone 8

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