Friday, November 26, 2010

Viburnums the Versatile Shrub

This Viburnum is planted out in the side garden, it has been flowering all Summer. This photo was taken the day before the frost that hit. And of course I lost the tag so I can not tell you what it is, hopefully it is in the shed. I like Viburnums instead of Hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are a high maintenance plain and simple, not worth growing in my eyes. With some varieties of Viburnums you can get the flower look of Hydrangeas, like the one above which reminds of a Lace-Cap Hydrangea. A group of about 170+ species of shrubs or (in a few species) small trees. They are native throughout the temperate Northern Hemisphere, with a few species extending into tropical montane regions in South America and southeast Asia. In Africa, the genus is confined to the Atlas Mountains. Many species of Viburnum are popular as garden or landscape plants because of their showy flowers and berries, fragrance, and good autumn color of some forms. Flowers are white to cream & pink, fruit (drupe) is red to purple, blue, or black. Wonderful as background specimens in a border or smaller varieties in pots.

USDA hardiness zone 2 to zone 9

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