Monday, September 12, 2011

Rosa glauca

Rosa glauca comes from the mountains in Central France, the Pyrenees, and also Southern Austria. The beauty of this rose species is in the foliage, and the small hips that stay on the rose through winter. Introduced in England around 1830.

A great species Rose to grow that requires very little care and offers wonderful returns. Shade tolerant and drought tolerant once established. Resistant to black spot, mildew, and rust. Will reach a height to 20' and width of 8' if left to itself, I keep mine at about 5' x 5'. I'm always pruning on mine due to the fact it will get out of control. Single clear pink flowers with a white center studded by prominent yellow stamens that are about 2"across in clusters without fragrance. Turning into hips of a beautiful orange then to a brownish-red color that are a favorite for fall decorations. Not me, I leave my in the garden. Leaves appear bluish gray in full sun (with shimmering overtones of burgundy and mauve), or with an icing of silvery gray-green in part shade. This plant is also a very good at reseeding, I always have little baby glaucas all over in the back garden. Rosa glauca is a mid-summer bloomer and can also be trained into a climber.

USDA hardiness zone 2 to zone 9

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