Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Flower Festival

Have not really wanted to post on the blog lately. Last posting was over a month ago, seems a lot longer. Will's Father has passed away since then, one of my biggest supporters of the gardens. He has always stated when they came for a visit, "Its like being in a beautiful park". I have a beautiful dwarf red leaf Maple that he grew from seed for the gardens that is the jewel in the conifer area. One of my Uncles passed away about a week and a-half, and we got news yesterday that one of Will's Aunts, his Father's sister has also passed. But enough.........I went around the gardens on Sunday and have found a number of plants still in bloom and starting to bloom. Enjoy and I will get a group of Fall foliage photographs together for the next posting.


  1. It still is flower festival in your garden. Love that yellow rose.

  2. So sorry about your losses...that's a lot to deal with during such a short time period :-( Love the blooms that 'October Daphne' Sedum?

  3. I'm so sorry.

    Your posts were missed...

  4. Thanks to everyone. I have missed the blogging but could not get into it. But I have not failed at reading you guys.......

    Scott, that is October Daphne Sedum