Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm Just Wild About Hairy

Turk's Cap Lily
This is the flower stock of the Martagon lily taken on the 10th of May, I purchased last year. Quite interesting regarding how hairy looking it is and how horizontal the flower stock had become, like a Sunflower. Wish I had taken a side shot of it.  I'll take a picture when I get home tonight and post it to see how far along it is. Flowers should be white & opening soon. 

The photograph below is today, 14 days later. I counted over 25 flowers on the stock, it will be outstanding when they open. Stay tune for another update.
USDA hardiness zone 3 to zone 8 


  1. Hello Beech Street Gardens! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. You have a number of interesting plants in your garden that I have never seen before. Of course, many of them would probably wither up and die if they were planted in Texas. Do you have a post that gives a good overall view of your gardens? I am curious about the layout of the minor gardens within the three major gardens.

  2. I'm working on putting the photos together of before and after.....