Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Humboldt County Fuchsia


I have this plant out in the front garden next to the street, it has just started to put on it's show. As you can see I have it planted next to Dragon Blood Sedum, nice contrast. Beautiful red-orange flowers, I'm not sure if the hummingbirds get to this plant since it grows so low to the ground. This variety is 6" to 12" in height and spreading 12" to 18" wide that stays a handsome gray green all year long (evergreen). They put on their bright show in the late summer or fall with their trumpet-type flowers that may be scarlet, orange, and occasionally white or pink. I have never had a pest or disease problem with it either (bless the native plants). This California native is drought-tolerant but appreciates a deep soaking every now and then. They prefer excellent drainage, however they adapt very nicely to heavy clay soils which is what I have at the gardens. California fuchsias look lovely in an informal border and is excellent for stabilizing hillsides or banks. They are wonderful as a groundcover. Another variety called Zauschneria californica is an upright and may get 6-8 feet high with a spread of 3-4 feet. Local nurseries will sell different varieties of Z. californica ranging from different colored flowers, as well leaves of varying shades of greensand grays.

USDA hardiness zone 5 to zone 7

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