Saturday, September 25, 2010

Morning Little Friend


An exciting morning to see this little creature on the side of the house. I was in the shower, Will came in the bathroom and said there is a surprise on the back of the house for me. Well what it is, I still have to get dressed for work......No you have to go see and take your camera, you will want to take a picture. This is the third praying mantis I have seen in the gardens since we moved in. I'm sure we have them every year, I just do not see them every year.

A beautiful insect with a voracious appetite. Being strictly carnivorous, they will eat almost any insect of a size it can overcome. Waiting in quiet ambush for hours at a time, then when an insect comes wandering by they suddenly jump out and attack. They do make wonderful backyard pets and constantly entertain while they eat insects all Summer long.

You can buy egg cases from your local garden store in the Spring, but it takes 2-8 weeks of warm weather for them to hatch. Egg cases hatch about 100-200 mantids, which continue to grow throughout Summer and reach 3" to 5" long by Fall. Next Spring think about purchasing nature's pest controls and let nature take care of your bug problems.

Say goodbye to applying sprays and dust.
Hired bugs control pests easier, safer, and better!

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