Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Did You Have A Good Day?

What a FABULOUS day it was today!!!!!!!!!!I spent the whole day working in the yard, trimming the shrubs that were getting out of control, and lopping up trees that needed to have lower limbs removed so the plants under them would do better. The front and side gardens are done and look outstanding if I say so. I spent about 6 hours and it was well worth it. Rain for tomorrow and that will be okay since I have to work.

Opuntia bloom in the front garden by the street for all to enjoy.

This Opuntia is in the cactus bed in the front garden.

Opuntias are quite an interesting plant due to the fact of it being the most successful cactus groups in terms of habitats conquered and geographic distribution. The most cold-tolerant of the lowland cacti and varying in size from 2" up to 50'+ as trees. The areas they live in are so vast, South America, Central America, North America, and Canada. I can not think of any other plant that you could see in so many other parts of the world. They have also been colonized in Europe, Australia, North and South Africa. There are three species that can be found in Oregon being Opuntia xcolumbiana, Opuntia fragilis, and Opuntia polyacantha. Most flower colors are a variety of yellows, but there are pinks, oranges, and reds.

USDA hardiness zone 3 to zone 12

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