Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Book on Agaves!

Greg Starr of Starr Nursery has written a new book on Agaves. I recently picked it up from the library after waiting over 6 months for it to be released and without really diving into it at this point, I like the look so far. Over 200 photographs of Agaves in the wild and in collections. Plus there are photos of flower stalks. Mr. Starr has included field notes, description, culture, and landscape value of more than 50 plants. He discusses growing Agaves in different parts of the world, watering, insect pests & diseases, size catagories, and cold hardiness. Looking forward to sitting down and reading this in the next couple of days while it is raining......

Published by Timber Press who we all know and love.


  1. I am so embarrassed to admit this one has been on my bookshelf for 3 weeks and I haven’t even picked it up yet! I can’t wait though, a whole book on Agaves from Greg Starr! How could it be anything short of fabulous right? Good to know so far you approve.

  2. It is on my to-buy list. Wish I didn't have 8 books still n my to-read place on the book case... I hear Starr's book also shows how a given plant grows over time...very useful!

  3. Will add to my Must Buy list