Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Darlings of the Pacific

Pacific Coast Irises are one of my favorite flowers to have in the gardens. All three pictured are in different growing conditions and they come through the years with flying colors.

Total Shade

Afternoon Sun Only

Morning Sun Only

The Pacific Coast Native Iris are beardless iris of the series "Californicae”, and are usually labeled as Pacific Coast Iris, Pacificas, or Pacifica Hybrids. They are small, compact plants with slender, wiry rhizomes, and narrow grass-like leaves. Most Pacific Coast Irises are evergreen, growing 6 to 24 inches high and in the garden, will develop under conditions similar to those of their natural habitat.
The most important factor in the garden is good drainage. Pacific Coast Irises will not tolerate soils with stagnant water. Stagnation or excessive water promotes root damage and various diseases from which the plants cannot recover. I always mix in pumice when I plant them. If it gets overly hot you may have to give them a small drink of water, but not in the heat of the day! But another great plant for the drought tolerant garden.

USDA zone 8 to zone 9

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