Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flowers of Western America

The Lewisias are flowering succulents of Western America. I have a number of them and care is very easy. Plant them in very well-drained, low fertility soils and they will flourish happily. They are great additions to rock gardens and can also be successfully grown in raised beds and containers. I have planted mine with about 75% pumice mixed in the soil and mounded the soil up a little to keep the crown dry. The flower colors are varied from white, pink, magenta (pink-purple), coral, apricot, gold (yellow-orange) They also come in deciduous species, so remember where you plant them or grow them in pots. Unglazed pots are the best to use! All will tolerate partial sun, but prefer full sun. Since Lewisia is a native plant it is perfect for the drought tolerant garden.

USDA hardiness zone 6 to zone 8

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