Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kwanso Daylily

Oops! I have one more Daylily, it blooms a little later than the others. Maybe it wants to be the center of attention? Its called a Kwanso Daylily, a orange double flower with watermarks. The colors are amazing and very different than other Daylilies we are so use to. The flowers are on the larger size and the plants are an average height and width. I know that there is a variegated foliage of this Daylily available on the market. What a combination!
I did purchase a variegated Daylily called Golden Zebra from the new nursery Finch & Flora in the Hollywood area, but it has a yellow flower and the plant looks like a Spider plant. It has not bloomed and will probably have to wait till next year to see the flowers, there are no buds showing.

USDA hardiness zone 3 to zone 9


  1. hello Mr Portland Oregon man

    i come out there once a year for visits with family some I like others I avoid LOL

    Anyway love your comment on One Gal's Trash blog about her double cock lamp LOL


  2. Love those shades of orange...you're making me think of autumn already!