Monday, September 17, 2012

Gardening At Any Age

For the next week or so I thought I would show you a Senior Apt. complex raised bed gardens that a few of the residents have done that I like to go visit. And they are very proud of what they are growing. This first photograph shows the beds all laid out in the court yard. Louis look at the Banana trees at the end and Danger there is a garden bed that actually has Opuntia pads for us. Something for everyone!

This first bed belongs to Muriel, she has had a lot of things blooming but when I got there she had cleaned up most of it, but she has these huge Chrysanthemum plants or should they be called shrubs. I will come back in a few weeks and get a photo of them while they are in bloom. 

Lots of Gladilous, but I bet she took them inside to enjoy.

This next bed belongs to Renee, nice trellis of Nasturtiums climbing up.

Nasturtiums and Geraniums

Beautiful Hollyhock, maybe I'll ask for some seeds.

White Double Hollyhock

Love the color pattern on this Dahlia.




Thats it for now, I'll post a couple more beds in a couple of days. Like I have always said gardening is for everyone no matter what age you are.   


  1. I love this! Everyone should have a space to garden...and wow! These folks are obviously maximizing the potential...can't wait to see the Opuntia!

  2. This is fabulous. We can garden forever! It's wonderful that the owners of the place have made space for these great gardens.

  3. The raised garden beds are such a great idea and I think most people will benefit from it, seniors or not. Please tell Muriel & Renee that their gardens look great!! I'm particularly impressed with the beautiful hollyhocks! :)

  4. Hopefully these ladies will venture on to the internet and see these entries. I gave one of the staff the web address and she said that they would setup a bookmark for them to view on the computers.

  5. Wonderful! And oh my goodness, I LOVE that dahlia.