Friday, September 21, 2012

Next Up Is Pat's Flower Bed

Another entry in the raised bed story-line. 
This bed belongs to Pat.
Cool and hot colors for me.

Salvia? and Geraniums

Coleus and Marigolds

I want that variety of Coleus for next year

Verbena and Petunias
The more I look at that I do not think they are Petunias

Awesome color mix.....does it make you smile?

Another outstanding Dahlia.....
these ladies know their Dahlias!


  1. Pat's garden's gorgeous! Yep, it sure does make me happy! Excuse me, but I think you might have spelt Salvia & Geranium, Best.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, I even used spell check....thats what happens when you get in a hurry!

  2. Nothing beats a bed of annuals for long lasting happy color! Pat's garden does make me smile! I love this series of posts!

  3. That's sure a bundle of happiness. You're right, it does make you smile.