Friday, September 28, 2012

Okay heres a twist.....

I find this fascinating! This Lobelia as well as a couple others seeded themselves in the yard and have had just as much water as the other plants in the gardens. Which I have only watered 4 times since the last time it rained (when was that?). How does an annual do it? If this plant was in an hanging basket or a pot would it still be alive?

Whats really sad is the Lobelia looks better than some of the drought tolerant plants.
Maybe I'll plant a garden full of Lobelia next year.


  1. What a beauty! I'm always amazed at how self-seeded plants seem to need absolutely no attention and still look fabulous...meanwhile, the exact same plant...that I planted on purpose, needs water or wilts!

  2. Your Lobelia looks great! Such pretty blue flowers; who can not like? The fish in your koi pond is very cute, lol.