Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CLEMATIS "Queens of the Gardens"

The Clematis, the "Queen of the Gardens" and the "Aristocrat of the Climbers". I have a number of them at Beech Street Gardens and at any given time or season of the year there is one in bloom. The Clematis is an outstanding plant for flower color, size, shape and petal count. But the Clematis is not limited to being a climbing vine, I have two varieties that are a shrubby style in the back gardens. What a surprise when guests learn that they are looking at a Clematis.
What do you mean that you have not heard of a bush Clematis?

USDA hardiness zone 4 to zone 11


Clair du Lune is an outstanding show-off, I have it in the far east garden where it gets no afternoon sun. This way the flowers stay true to color and do not fade during the day. White with a dusting of lilac, darker stripe running down the center of the petal, and ruffly single flowers at 7" across.
This variety grows 8' to 10'.


What can I say about Haku Ookan, nothing about the color except gorgeous . This is the second blooming this year, it took up residence in a pot on the patio where it has lived for three years. It is a smaller variety growing about 6' to 8'.
The flowers are about 5" wide.

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