Wednesday, July 14, 2010





Now that the weather is on the warmer side, the plants are out of control. There are flowers everywhere, the daylilies are the biggest show in the gardens right now.

Raspberry Smoothie is a small variety in the very back garden with Long Stocking, the plant is 24" to 28" high, scapes about 32" and the flowers are 4" wide. Deep rose pink with white and a rich chartreuse green eye.

Orchid Candy, this plant also a small variety located in the front garden came from Gail Austin, about 20" to 24" high, scapes at 26", and the flowers are on the smaller side around 3" wide. The colors are amazing, pastel pink with the center ring of delicious boysenberry and that great chartreuse green eye.

The last photograph is Little Grapette located in the back garden where you can view it from the yard or patio, a gift from my good gardening neighbors Steve & Patty. This plant is a dwarf variety, but the only dwarf part of the plant is the flowers. The plant stands at 22" to 24", scapes at 28" and the flowers are only about 2" wide. A wonderful rich purple color with a yellow center.

I will have more postings in the next week. I have a wonderful orange variety called Lucille that I want you to see. A great orange with 5" flowers.
Its outstanding.........till then, get dirty in your garden.

USDA hardiness zone 1 to zone 11

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