Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Bush's Purple Coneflower
The Echinacea pictured above is a species plant that I picked up at a garden sale from one of the local clubs two years. It is an outstanding plant, about 4 foot tall X 3 1/2 feet wide and the yellow flowers are big at 4" across. A perennial native to Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

I have a number of Echinaceas planted here at the gardens. Late last year I purchased Tomato Soup, a variety that is true in color to its name. Looking forward to seeing it bloom this year. Pick up the August issue of Fine Gardening magazine, they have good article on Echinaceas. The great thing about this particular plant is the variety of colors, different petal shapes, and plant sizes. They are drought tolerant once established and do not like having wet feet. I always mix a good amount of pumice in when I'm planting.

USDA hardiness zone 3 to zone 8

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