Sunday, July 11, 2010

HEMEROCALLIS "Long Stocking"

This has become one of my favorite daylilies in the gardens, "Long Stocking" a spider variety. Beautiful deep coral rose with a golden yellow center. The plant is on the smaller side, 28" to 30" high, scapes at about 36" with 7" to 8" wide flowers. I decided to move it this fall, I have it in the back garden and it needs to be closer to the house to enjoy it more.
Daylilies are a very important plant to include in the drought tolerant garden or any garden. Once established they are quite an amazing plant, taking full sun to partial shade. There are two main types: evergreen and herbaceous. Evergreen best suited to warm climates and herbaceous for colder. With over 60,000 cultivators to date there is a color, size, and flower shape for any spot in your garden. I trim my daylilies back to about 4" from the ground as soon as the entire plant is done blooming. Something I was taught by a good friend, Gail Austin a great daylily hybridizer here in Portland. She has since retired, but still has one of the most gorgeous gardens I have ever seen. It is partly her fault that I decide to change our gardens around, which meant that most of the grass was going to have to go.........I'm glad that happened. Include daylilies into your gardens, the flowers are amazing, a new one each day.

USDA hardiness zone 1 to zone 11

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