Thursday, February 24, 2011

Heirloom Tomatoes "Manitoba" & "Black", Extra-Early "Legend"



BLACK on the left/ LEGEND on the right

The photographs above are the Tomato seeds that I started at work, they were up in three days. That happens when you give them heat from the bottom and top and cover with a dome. This is the first time I have ever raised Tomato plants from seeds, my Grandparents would be pleased........All three varieties are from Territorial Seed Co. They handle a lot of heirlooms, which are better varieties to raise. The Manitoba and Black are the heirlooms and Legend is an extra-early. I also have a tray of Bell peppers that are up and it took almost two weeks for them to pop up, I was told they would take the longest. Trying to figure out what flower seeds to do for the trough baskets out front of the store. Already have geranium cuttings that I rooted from last fall and I'm going to put them in the big planter in front. Planted a big tub of Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas in the greenhouse. Busy, busy, busy............Looking forward to seeing what Spring will bring us this year.

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