Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Witch Hazel

Of Greek descent "hama" meaning together or with and "melis" meaning apple or fruit.
A reference to the fact that the flowers appear with the previous season's fruit capsules or seed pods.

The Witch Hazel is a blooming...........This shrub (tree) is in the front garden and one of the oldest plantings. It is about 15 ft. tall x 8 ft wide now and finally has a lite orange glow about it when it blooms. The flowers on this variety are very small under an inch and you need to get up close to appreciate them. They are an amazing color of orange and raspberry and look very spidery. Of course it was tagged wrong, I was wanting yellow. But I'm one that is it more of a hassle to remove it. So I have left it and it has grown into a huge and perfect shape next to the house.

USDA hardiness zone 3 to zone 8

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