Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Day For Daylilies

All of these daylilies are in bloom and walking thru the gardens is quite the kaleidoscope of colors. they range in height of 28" up to 48" and the blooms are 3" to 7". They are an amazing flower for variety and for being drought tolerant. Some of them have been purchased or given scapes from other gardener friends. A couple are from Gail Austin when she was still doing hybridising a few years ago. When she held an open garden it was quite the show, I saw color combinations in flowers that were amazing. I always looked forward to going out to see her and the gardens. Enjoy this tour and hopefully you have a few daylilies placed through out your gardens.


  1. Oh my...that purple one (the 2nd to the last pic) is amazing! What is that variety?

  2. That is Little Grapette, about 28" tall and the flowers are about 2 1/2-3" wide. One of my favs, birthday present about 3 years ago.