Thursday, July 19, 2012

Six More and No More

I have six more Daylilies that came into bloom in the last couple of days. 
I should have flowers at least for another month.

This deep purple daylily below was a throw-away from Gail Austin,
it did not meet the standards for she was looking for.  

 This photo is the entire clump of the Lady Lucille,
a close-up of a single flower was posted the other day.   


  1. I LOVE the deep purple one...can't believe it was a reject!

  2. Crazy right....the flower is not the greatest. Its not like the others, does not look fine tuned.

  3. Amazing plants. Those flowers definitely reach epic status in my books. I've never really grown many daylillies but tom Hobbs at southlands nursery has absolutely divine ones quite frequently. Maybe I'll have to take the daylilly plunge.

  4. Beautiful flowers! Does your daylily foliage start going dormant (turning straw-like) after blooming or have they bred that out of them now? I have a few that I love that don't do that but inherited a huge patch of an older variety that does. Water? Dig them up, give them away and replace with better ones?

  5. Louis:
    Look for varieties that are evergreen or semi-evergreen and you will always have nice grassy clumps that will look good in your tropical gardens. But mulch them up a little, they'll like you for it.

    I have the leaf dry out as soon as they start blooming. The big issue with that is I do no watering here and the plants start stressing and shutting down the leaves but put forth these fabulous flowers. I just go through and pull dried leaves whenever I go out to remove spent flowers. Because once they are done blooming I cut the plants to a height of about 4". At this time I still have not watered the gardens. If your plants are the older varieties you might want to change it up. The newer varieties are totally amazing with color combinations that are mind boggling.