Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Am I Blue

No, but my Clematis is.............                                       

                            Clematis tubulosa

I came across this and instantly added it to the gardens here at Beech Street, basically because Black and Blue Salvia is a poor excuse of a plant.............And before anyone gets there panties in a bunch, hear me out. Black and Blue Salvia is not a hardy plant here and nurseries need to stop telling us it is and selling like it is (you know who you are, I have seen your tags and a zone 7b it is not).  I went through 2 plants and my gardener neighbor went thru 3, enough said! 
Clematis tubulosa is native to central and northern China. Woody based, non-climbing sub-shrub with erect black stems, 3' to 4' width and same in height and 1" X 1" fragrant flowers, yes fragrant flowers. Attractive, fluffy seed heads like other Clematis and the foliage is also scented. This is a plant to add to a garden.

USDA hardiness zone 5a to zone 9b

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  1. Beautiful! I'm adding it to my wish list. I've had B & B make it here in mild winters if it has really good drainage but I wouldn't call it reliably hardy.