Monday, July 23, 2012

Opuntias polyacantha and humifusa

These flowers are on the first group of Opuntias that were planted here at Beech Street Gardens. The pads came from Will's parents plant that was growing in their yard, do not remember where they said it came from. I believe it was Eastern Oregon? So now here there are four large plants taking up about a 3 x 3 foot space for each plant. They kind of sprawl over the ground. I think they are Opuntia polyacantha, which is a variety that grows in the western half of the United States and from Texas up into Canada. 

These pads pictured below came from my next door neighbor's mother that is a Master Gardener in New Jersey. She and her husband were visiting last year and wandered through Beech Street Gardens. We sat and chatted about plant material and different zonal gardening since she gardens in a zone 5. She says "I have some Opuntia pads to send you if you would like".......I could never turn that down, right! They are Opuntia humifusa and are the Eastern United States native. She sent them in the fall and they wintered over in the Death Valley Shack. I like to plant succulents in late spring so they have the summer and fall to settle in and develop a good root system on them for the upcoming winter. The pads were planted on the 7th and already starting to bud out new pads, fascinating.   


  1. EPIC! I love this! is that what mine will look like when they bloom!?!?! Oh I am so very excited now. those are beauties!

  2. I think we are on the verge of an Opuntia renaissance...such cool plants and everyone seems to finally be appreciating them.

  3. Louis,
    Yours will probably be that color too, most Opuntias are yellow flowering.

    I hope so, I have a couple more different varieties that I planted up in the gardens about a month ago that I have not discussed yet. I have been holding back information from everyone.