Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall Fireworks

Japanese Anemone "September Charm"

I planted this in the side garden years ago where it does not receive a lot of sun. It receives most of its shade from the Clerodendrum tree, only very late in the day does it get direct sun. I treat it like a drought tolerant plant, it receives as much water as the other plants and it is one of the oldest plants in the gardens. It takes up an area about 5' to 6' wide and about 4 1/2' high. The flowering reminds me of fireworks, first the stock comes up high above the dark green foliage and then there are all these single little flower heads. Looks like a Roman candle going off. It is the perfect late summer/ early fall flowering plant.

Anemones are long-lived, fibrous-rooted perennials that are native to China. The base of the plant is a dark green clump, which produces leaves covered with soft hairs. The low foliage clumps look nice from the moment they emerge in spring until frost enforces their dormancy. Graceful, branching stems grow 2-5 feet high. They display a charming appearance that masks a tough constitution. Plantings can survive considerable neglect. They will appreciate a good mulching in climates where winters are severe. Plants are slow to establish, but spread readily if the roots are not disturbed. Varieties such as white blooming 'Honorine Jobert' and double flowered, rose-red 'Pamini' are excellent for cutting. 'Prince Henry,' a double dark pink, 'September Charm,' a single pale pink, which is planted here at the gardens, and 'Queen Charlotte,' a semi-double pink are all commonly available.

USDA hardiness zone 4 to zone 8

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