Monday, August 23, 2010

Yum, Peanut Butter


There are number of these trees in our area, a very popular deciduous tree in Portland and in our neighborhood. I have two, one in the side garden and one in the back garden. The gardens across the street have two and two houses over there are two huge trees. When these trees ramp up into full bloom during the late summer/early fall it is an intoxicating fragrance like Jasmine that lingers through the neighborhood. Then if you bruise the leaves they have the odor of peanut butter. Later in the season when the flowers are finished blooming the calyxes turn a showy red, and ultimately, bright blue fruit. For which the birds, especially the robins love to eat. Its a non stop show with these trees. Native to Eastern China and Japan. Will grow in full sun to part shade and to a height of 15ft. to 20 ft. One thing to remember is this tree will sucker freely and you could end up with more than you want if you do not keep them under control. The other common names for these trees are Harlequin GloryBower and Peanut Butter Shrub.

USDA hardiness zone 6 to zone 9

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