Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have dozens of sedums planted here at the gardens, remember drought tolerant. Sedums have that phrase as their middle name. I have large types like Mr. Goodbud from Terra Nova Nursery in the front gardens to small varieties that I'm using as ground covers. Now that is the perfect usage, ground cover. Helps to suppress weeds and keeps moisture in the ground.

Sedums are a large genus of flowering plants in the family Crassulaceae, members of which are commonly known as stonecrops. There are around 400 species of leaf succulents that are found throughout the Northern Hemisphere, varying from annual and creeping herbs to shrubs that have water-storing leaves. Flowers tend to be in shades of pink, mauve, white, red and yellow that start out pale and deepen as they mature. Sedum flowers bloom only once; most late in the season. The bees absolutely love these plants.......No need for deadheading and they often look good right through the winter. After several years, the center of Sedum plants will show signs of dying out. Division is needed at that point, to keep the plant vigorous.

USDA hardiness zone 4 to zone 9

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