Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Fountain For The Back Garden

I just purchased this new fountain for the back garden. I placed it where the big water bowl was, but of course I had to remove a 10' fir tree first. I really do not care about the tree it was starting to crowd out other things I like better. I love the fountain, it has a great sound, and I know the birds are going to enjoy it. Now I need to get some new plants to put around it. The bowl of the fountain is just a little over 24" and about 8" deep. But not to worry, the big water bowl was placed closer to the patio. I could never get rid of it, its where the frogs hang out at during the Spring. Remember to add water features to your gardens, all the creatures need that special attention. At this time there are 4 fountains, 5 birdbaths, and 2 large water bowls here at Beech Street Gardens and there is room to add more.

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