Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lilium paradalinum


Known as the panther lily or leopard lily this native of Oregon and California is a vigorous, clump-forming, rhizomatous true species lily, with strong stems bearing whorls of elliptic deep green leaves. Where it usually grows in damp areas. Typically it grows to about 3' to 3 1/2' tall, but known to reach 5' to 8'. The flowers are Turk's-cap shaped, red-orange, with numerous brown spots, usually flowering in mid summer to late summer.

I have a small group of these lilies back in the conifer area with the Lilium wigginsii. The colors are so rich and vibrant with the blending of the red, orange and yellow. I love the way the petals curl back and expose all the colors and spots. Another wonderful addition to grow here in a Great Pacific Northwest garden.

USDA hardiness zone 5 to zone 8

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