Sunday, August 12, 2012

Don't Miss Out On Opuntia-a-rama

Hey everyone gather around, I've decide since the Opuntia talks have been so popular the last couple of weeks its time for a give-away...............I have a rooted pad of O. polycantha with a couple of other pads on it that is rooted and ready to go live in another garden. So here's what you need to do, click on my profile over on the right side of the page and email me your name. I'll draw a name from the group and you will have a great new plant for your gardens. Deadline is midnight on August 19th. Do not worry if you live out of town, I will be happy to mail it to you. Get those names into me and cross your fingers.

This is the plant you will receive. 
Did someone say what if I'm a follower of Beech Street Gardens do I get anything extra, you bet you do, I will add a 4" potted plant of O. acanthcarpa 'Buckhorn Cholla' also rooted. So once again, set up to follow Beech Street Gardens, get your name to me, and lets see who else is going to have Opuntias in their gardens.

Bonus plant if you are a follower of Beech Street Gardens


  1. Oh this is fun!!! THE OPUNTIA-A-RAMA!!!! Opuntia lovin' is such a good cause.

    1. If this goes good I'll have an Agave-A-Give-You next month........

    2. What? You're going to give away an Agave? Thats crazy talk!