Friday, August 31, 2012

Like They Say On NPR

Let's do the numbers...............

2 Potato Grow Bags.......$19.98
1 Organic Bag of Soil.....$13.99
2 Lbs of Seed Potatoes.....$5.98

What's sad is there is just under a pound there, but it was interesting to grow them.

 The items may appear larger than they are, but their not.
 Looks like a good harvest, scroll down to the next picture for actual size.

I'm going to write a book and title it: 
Grow Your Own $39.95 A Pound Potatoes, 
they can put it next to the book titled The $64.00 Tomato.
 I'm leaving potato growing to the farmers. I'll just continue buying my $1.59 for 5# bag.   


  1. Hahahahaha...that's hilarious...and one of the reasons I just don't even try to grow my own much cheaper to buy them. Plus, then I have more room for things that are pretty :-)

  2. that is amazing! I always have similar results with things. I have the most beautiful strawberry plants. People always stop and say "oh whats that!?" I tell them strawberries and they don't believe me. They are huge! But, this year I had a total of three strawberries.

  3. That's nothing, I planted 6 pepper plants and in return I got one orange bell about the size of a half dollar and one Serrano plant had 4 peppers. Total bust, done with veggies.

  4. Plus veggies always want the best and sunniest spots in the garden! I still grow a few tomatoes in big pots but they mostly amount to a nice snack while I'm watering. If I ever had more garden space than my small city lot, I'd consider having a vegetable plot again.

  5. I don't want my roommate to see this post. He is from a agricultural university in Central America, and he is always yelling/laughing at me because I spend so much time/money trying to grow veggies in our back yard. I try to convince him that I actually LIKE doing it, and that I don't NEED to do it for the food, thats just a bonus at the end if it works. That being said, cucumbers and basil are going into the garden again, and I will be buying tomatoes from the grocery store next year :)