Monday, August 27, 2012

Hoppy Monday!!!!!!

This little Pacific Tree-frog jumped out of a pot I was watering this morning. Funny, how you can forget the wildlife that is constantly in your yard year-round. I now have daily bees here at Beech Street Gardens at one of my water bowls, due to it having duck weed, water lettuce, and parrot feather. They love to land and walk about the duckweed. Its like a little bug airport all day long, I can sit there and watch for hours. There at least two hives visiting it. One is from the neighbors hive next door and the other is somewhere in the north(?). Among the bees there are wasps and yellow jackets, but I'm not about to do anything to the others. Its all about balance. What creatures visit or live in your gardens?????


  1. Amazing!!!!!! I love frogs. We have a family of raccoons, a small colony of squirrels and evil crows. Between that crowd not much else stands a chance

  2. We have the occasional raccoons and squirrels travel through, but I have not seen to many evil crows. Once in awhile I see one or two drinking from the fountain. Pretty much Hummingbirds, other little birds like Bushtits and Nuthatchs spend a lot of time here in the gardens. In the last few weeks I have a pair of Jays that discovered the suet feeder.