Thursday, August 16, 2012

How About A Hardy Spider Plant for the Garden

Yes you say.............It would be very cool if more houseplants were able to handle the Pacific Northwest Winters, but its not going to happen here anytime soon. So here it is a plant that looks like a variegated Spider Plant .......but actually it is a Golden Zebra Daylily. The Golden Zebra is a deciduous late blooming variety that reaches a height of 18" and a spread of 24". Another perfect plant for the drought tolerant garden that will add texture and light.

Horticulture lore: In 1989, Malanseuns Pleasure Plants of South Africa, sowed seed of Hemerocallis miniature hybrids from Jelitto Seed Company, Germany. One unique seedling produced a dwarf vibrant gold and green variegated plant with rich yellow flowers nestled perfectly atop the twisty foliage.

 Beautiful golden flowers that are on a smaller size 3" to 4".
USDA hardiness zone 5b to zone 9b

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